Sports Betting Lines Menus now including elections

It was just hours after George W. Bush was re-elected president of the United States in 2004, posting betting lines on the bookmakers, who a four-year lease on the Oval Office in 2008.John McCain, Senator gain of Arizona began was, and Hillary Clinton, the senator from New York remain leader of the Republican and Democratic parties respectively. McCain, because he maverick nature, has appeal to the moderates, swing voters and conservative Democrats. That would be a formidable foe in the general election, but ironically, the same independent strip – he strayed from conservative orthodoxy on judges, taxes and gay rights – could hurt him in the GOP nomination, where evangelical Christians and conservative activists, Groups with less than his position on these issues in love, are a huge voting block, particularly in the primaries.Clinton has the opposite problem. While the former first lady is highly popular in Democratic circles and, should they decide to run, it would be difficult to beat for the party's nomination, remains a polarizing figure and could have difficulty winning a general election where many already have a fixed, negative opinion of her.That have said, most betting lines still favor a McCain-Clinton showdown in 2008, although juicy, double-digit prices abound for other hopefuls like former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R), governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney (R), former Vice President Al Gore (D), Indiana Senator Evan Bayh (D), Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (D), former senator from North Carolina John Edwards (D), Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee (R), retired General Wesley Clark (D) and Illinois Senator Barack Obama (D). Posting betting lines and / or bets are on the outcome of the presidential elections is not new. The practices gained attention in 1948 when legendary oddsmaker predicted and player Jimmy 'The Greek' Snyder, that heavy underdog Harry S. Truman, was the subject, who presided, as Franklin Delano Roosevelt died in 1945 wü ; rde GOP standard-bearer and heavy favorite to beat James Dewey, governor of New York.Snyder his prediction based on the fact that Dewey mustache and his belief that women would find that the facial hair made Dewey was seen 'sneaky.' At least, that the way the story's done. Truman prevail at the ballot box, as you know has a newspaper whose headline erroneously proclaimed Dewey the winner.Recognizing that the 2008 election can be a bit too far for most bettors, many bookmakers have betting lines written in this year's congressional elections, Nov. 7.The most prominent betting line asks bettors to wager whether the Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives. Democrats need to wrest pick up 15 seats to take control of the 435-seat from Republicans for the first time since 1994. With an unpopular war in Iraq, low approval numbers for President Bush, and a series of scandals plagued the Republican Party have the most books favor the Democrats, to discuss the house.The Senate, where Democrats need six seats to take back the majority, is another matter. While it looks, is increasingly likely that the Democrats hold all their seats (New Jersey is a problem), and pick up seats in Montana, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Rhode Iceland will always be difficult to six. There are three (possibly four) more opportunities.Claire McCaskill (D) is a head-to-head with Senator Jim Talent (R) in Missouri, where stem cell research (she supports, it does not) is a large problem while Harold Ford (D) is trying to prove that an African American in Tennessee, where Bob Corker tries to the seat for Republicans.A series of gaffes have Senator George Allen (R) vulnerable to the challenge keep the former Secretary General of the Navy Jim Webb win (D) in Virginia while in Arizona, Jim Pederson (D) tried to come from behind, Senator John Kyl (R), the author of the recently passed ban on Internet sports betting have to beat wagering.Many betting line on whether the Democrats win a majority in the Senate ('No' even more 'yes' favored),
while some enterprising Betting shops have many lines on the individual races. Others offer still betting on index, how many Senate seats the Democrats could bet gain.An index as follows: How many Senate seats will the Democrats win the 2006 election 0-220/13-4 2/1exactly 5 8 / 56? or more 7/5In side race for the presidency, the Senate and the House of Representatives, some bookmakers have betting lines on several Governor competitions. What all this means is while some citizens cast their vote at the ballot box, others can express their opinions with hard cash.